Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday at Home

Hi, just an update. I had a long session with the dentist this morning and took the day off. I'm doing very well and didn't need to take any of the pain prescription, which means

I had all the filming done, so today I am uploading YouTube videos for the Child's English Rib Sweater. It took three videos to cover it:
  1. Part One shows half of the knitting techniques.
  2. Part Two finishes up the knitting.
  3. Part 3 shows the sewing-up routine (it's all mattress stitch) as well as what to do differently if you're using a bulky machine

I have all the patterns written (2/12, sport weight, and sport on bulky machine) and need to check all my math again and then put up the patterns. I'll put them here. You can also find the 2/12 pattern over at Knit Natters.

You're going to need to print it out and circle your size. I charted it for a bunch of kids' sizes.

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